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by Jason Morant

There's so much more to You
Than I can even try to understand
But that won's stop me now
From emptying myself into Your hands
All I know to do is fall apart in You

Like the night steps aside as the dawn rushes in
Let Your glory be known

I'm Your offering
I'm Your offering
Make Your suffering known through me
I'm Your offering
For all the world to see
Your love and believe

There's so much more to You
Than any hardened heart could ever dispel
To You my soul bows
I empty my will into Your hands
All I know to do is fall apart in You

Let Your glory be known!

Yours Alone  

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Lord You are the anchor
Refuge in the storm
Your words are wisdom
Shining in the dark

I hear Your voice on the water
I feel Your touch in the wind
Your above and beneath me
Surround my heart again

And I know that You are good
God I know that all You do is good

So I put my life in Your hands
I’m Yours alone, I’m Yours alone
Surrender, Lord I raise my hands
To You alone, to You alone

Lord Your voice guides me
So Tell me what to do
Your heart it drives me

("Yours Alone" by Phil Wickham)


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As our hearts lay sleeping,
As our bodies rest,
The Heavens open up for us.
Put down your weapon, child,
And close your eyes,
Because you and your enemies
Are innocent tonight.

I never wanted you,
I never wanted you to go.

There's a voice inside your soul
That resonates through your skin and bone,
Up through the blades of grass,
Underneath the feet of God's only son.
The war that you're fighting
Has already been won.

I just want to survive with you by my side.
With you by my side, I just want to survive.

Crooked mouth, quiet down,
Let your fists come undone.
Miscarried love will be reborn.
When we sleep,
The devil's arms are tied.

The war that we're fighting
Has already been won...

I never wanted this,
I never wanted this to go away.
I never wanted this,
I never asked for it,
I never meant to let it go.

I just want to survive with you by my side.
With you by my side, I just want to survive.

- Lyrics from "Dreamlife" by Sleeping At Last

Ever feel lost? Im there.  

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Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage  

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Needless to say, I am apparently a horrible blogger. I just cant seem to force myself to come up with anything I think people will find interesting enough to read. That and the fact that my life is one big routine with not a lot of new things going on in the midst of everyday life.
I am working two part time jobs, loving both in different ways but making peanuts and meanwhile trying to find a full time while feeling invisible to those who are looking for a new employee. I am tired. I think that most days my mentality is hunker down and get through this period because something better has to be coming right? Not that life isnt great and im not counting my blessings, blah blah blah.... I just am ready for an "easier," "less stressful" time of life. In the meantime, most days I just hide behind work, or cleaning the house, watching too much TV, or getting lost in a book. Trying not to pay attention to how stressful my life is right now. Pretending like I am not worried about money or jobs; pretending like all is well and we will get through, which of course we will. This too shall pass......right?


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I realized last week that I am waiting for my "real" life to start. By real life I mean the life where Tyler and I both have good paying full times jobs, benefits, a kid or two, we are financially secure, able to go on vacations, dont have to work on nights or weekends, etc. I feel like I am on pause spiritually, emotionally, and even physically until this "real life" starts up. I obviously am aware that this is foolish thinking but that does not make it feel any less true to me. I am determined to start making a conscious effort to enjoy the "now" of my life and try to convince my spirit, mind, and body to stop waiting for something that may or may not happen in the future. I am sure that real joy and content is found when you learn to live in and enjoy your "now." This similar lesson keeps popping up for me.... fancy that. :)