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Needless to say, I am apparently a horrible blogger. I just cant seem to force myself to come up with anything I think people will find interesting enough to read. That and the fact that my life is one big routine with not a lot of new things going on in the midst of everyday life.
I am working two part time jobs, loving both in different ways but making peanuts and meanwhile trying to find a full time while feeling invisible to those who are looking for a new employee. I am tired. I think that most days my mentality is hunker down and get through this period because something better has to be coming right? Not that life isnt great and im not counting my blessings, blah blah blah.... I just am ready for an "easier," "less stressful" time of life. In the meantime, most days I just hide behind work, or cleaning the house, watching too much TV, or getting lost in a book. Trying not to pay attention to how stressful my life is right now. Pretending like I am not worried about money or jobs; pretending like all is well and we will get through, which of course we will. This too shall pass......right?

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